Municipal Maintenance

Nejeni has established specialised teams which are adept, fully equipped and ready to respond to circumstances which fall outside the parameters of planned work. Emergencies can come in the form of (though not limited to this).

Water Main Bursts:

Immediate and effective response are tantamount to ensuring minimal water loss (very scarce resource) and just as important to minimise the inconvenience experienced by consumers as a result of “no water”.

Sewer Collapses and/or blockages:

These vary between very complex and deep repairs (mostly in the middle of the roads) to existing failing infrastructure up to 6m below the surface and the regular mid-block sewers on residential properties.

Emergency Repairs
Emergency Repairs

Emergency repairs which occur on infrastructure which is reasonably deep beneath the surface, requires proper shoring methods to ensure the safety of the operating teams as well as prevention of unnecessary further disruption to any possible pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Emergency repairs can be classified in categories varying from minor to major, each requiring a specialist approach to ensure that the service that has been disrupted is restored within a reasonably acceptable time. Nejeni’s resourceful operational teams are more than capable and adept and have proven their worth in extreme emergency circumstances, preventing huge health risk catastrophes.